A Preferred ETF Strategy to Hone in on Income

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However, about two-thirds of preferred securities are made up of traditional financial companies, including banks, which have largely unperformed this year.

PFXF, though, specifically excludes financial sector exposure. The preferred securities ex-financial ETF, though, does include a hefty 30.6% tilt toward real estate investment trusts, along with 22.6% electric companies, 16.2% telecom, 4.9% agriculture, 4.2% insurance, 4.1% manufacturing,  3.6% pipelines, 3.3% oil & gas, 2.0% food and 1.9% healthcare.

Potential investors should also be aware of the risks in a rising rate environment. Looking ahead, while preferred stocks provide investors with an attractive source of yields, the assets are vulnerable in a rising interest rate environment. If rates rise, the holdings will likely decline in price to elevate their yield to attractive levels.

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