How to Prepare for a Possible Gold ETF Pullback

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“Gold will pull back at some point. When exactly that will be is unknown, but when it occurs it is likely to present a major buying opportunity based on historical trends that have occurred in gold. Waiting for a pullback provides a lower entry point into gold ETFs, compared to current prices. This improves the risk/reward of the trades, but could potentially mean missing a trade or entry point if gold (and related ETFs) don’t pull back as far as expected,” according to Investopedia.

Some analysts still believe that is possible gold ascends to $1,500 per troy ounce. Gold bullion prices have surged almost 20% this year as the Fed previously signaled it would slow the pace of interest rate normalization this year – higher interest rates typically weigh on gold prices since the hard asset provide no yield and would become less attractive to higher-yielding conservative debt assets in a rising rate environment.

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