O’Leary’s O’Shares Seeks Big Additions to its ETF Lineup

The O’Shares FTSE US Quality Dividend ETF cements O’Leary’s dividend commitment. OUSA tracks the FTSE US Qual / Vol / Yield Factor Index, an expansion of FTSE Russell’s FTSE Global Factor Index Series. The index seizes on three prominent themes in the ETF community: Dividends along with the low volatility and quality factors.

In August 2015, O’Shares launched the O’Shares FTSE Europe Quality Dividend ETF (NYSEArca: OEUR) and the O’Shares FTSE Asia Pacific Quality Dividend ETF (NYSEArca: OASI). OEUR tracks the FTSE Europe Qual / Vol / Yield Factor 5% Capped Index. OASI follows the FTSE Asia Pacific Qual / Vol / Yield Factor 5% Capped Index.

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“O’Leary’s celebrity status and the application of smart-beta strategies to fixed income could help the Canadian businessman differentiate himself and attract assets in what’s becoming a crowded ETF space, with roughly 60 issuers in the U.S.,” according to Bloomberg.

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