Mutual Funds Adopt ETFs to Create Tactical Investment Strategies

As we weigh market risks ahead, investors can look to some exchange traded fund strategies to capture opportunities that can help hedge against potential hurdles while participating in any upside.

On the upcoming webcast, Tactical ETF Strategy in an Easy Mutual Fund Package, Deborah Frame, President and Chief Investment Officer of Frame Global Asset Management, and Charles McNally Chief Portfolio Strategist at RiskX Investments, will analyze market risks and look to opportunities that advisors can adopt.

For instance, the Rx MAR Tactical Moderate Growth Fund (MGZIX) and Rx MAR Tactical Growth Fund (MGMIX) utilize macro-driven, tactical ETF-based asset allocation strategies to mitigate downside risk.

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Due to their vast scope and easy accessibility, ETFs have found their way into many investment portfolios, including mutual funds.

“Open-end funds are such a huge distribution channel for ETFs,” Adam Patti, CEO of IndexIQ, told InvestmentNews. “They make it so much easier to get exposure to areas that were once much more difficult to get.”