More Power for Huge Gaining Peru ETF

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However, Peru is growing at a faster clip than some of the larger Latin American economies, it is not home to the controversy found in Brazil and its central bank probably does not have to engage in multiple rate hikes as has been the case in Colombia.

Moreover, EPU’s technical outlook is currently appealing.

“Right now the price is moving in a range between $31.42 and $28.58. That gives the range a height of $2.84, which can be added or subtracted to the upper and lower range breakout points to provide some short-term targets. Given the sizable trend that has already taken place, those targets will likely quickly be surpassed. The price is more likely to move at least $5 on a breakout, putting an upside target near $36.42, or a downside target near $23.58. When a breakout occurs, the other breakout point can be used as a stop loss,” according to Investopedia.

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iShares MSCI All Peru Capped ETF