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Strategy Shares Debuts with Two Actively Managed ETFs

Strategy Shares on Thursday announced its launch, with a mission of providing investors with a portfolio of differentiated ETF offerings. This family of funds, previously branded as the Huntington Strategy Shares, focuses on bringing alternative-based strategies to the ETF market, in both active and passive form.

The Strategy Shares family of funds currently consists of two actively managed ETFs:

  • EcoLogical Strategy ETF (HECO), which uses ecologically-focused criteria to identify U.S. and foreign companies that have positioned their business to respond to increased environmental legislation, cultural shifts towards environmentally conscious consumption, and capital investments in environmentally oriented projects.
  • US Equity Rotation Strategy ETF (HUSE), which under normal conditions invests in U.S. companies in the S&P Composite 1500 Index, which is comprised of large-, mid-, and small-cap companies, and will shift to various market segments when market conditions change.

Jerry Szilagyi, CEO of Strategy Shares, said the company rebranded this family of funds as Strategy Shares, with the intent of offering investors ETF investments rooted in alternative strategies.

“As we expand our portfolio of fund offerings, our focus will remain rooted in the brand’s core mission: to offer investors unique, alternative strategies that rely on the expertise of top-performing investment teams,” Szilagyi said.

The Strategy Shares brand brings alternative strategy expertise to the ETF market. HECO is managed by David Miller and Michael Schoonover, both of Catalyst Funds, an alternative focused mutual fund company. HUSE is managed by Matthew Tuttle, of Tuttle Tactical Management.


Global Markets Finish Day on Fire

From the WallachBeth ETF Team:

Global markets finished the day on fire after Brexit fears quieted over the weekend.