Finally, RFEU has an investment objective is to provide capital appreciation. Under normal market conditions, it will seek to achieve its investment objective by investing at least 80% of its net assets (including investment borrowings) in a portfolio of equity securities of European companies, including through investments in common stock, depositary receipts and real estate investment trusts, and forward foreign currency exchange contracts.

Michael Jones, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of RiverFront, said active management is essential in today’s fast-moving markets.

“These ETFs are unique to the marketplace in that they offer active management of the underlying equity portfolio and a dynamic approach to currency hedging, all within the structure of an ETF,” Jones said.

Chris Konstantinos, RiverFront’s Director of International Portfolio Management, said recent market volatility has provided “an opportune time to launch these ETFs.”

“We believe stocks across the developed world have pulled back to attractive valuations and that investors have underestimated the positive impact that lower oil prices and continued aggressive monetary policy will have on developed international economies,” Konstantinos said.