The agribusiness ETFs track global agriculture sector companies, including about a 50% tilt toward the U.S., along with 20% in Europe and 20% in across Asia. The agricultural business provide products like fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, farming machinery, packaged foods and meats.

“However, it appears that the additional Corn acres will be at the expense of Wheat, where the economics for planting are even worse. While on the surface it appears that the trend for Corn prices is lower, especially if the USDA is correct and we see up to an additional 500 million bushels in Corn production this season, some analysts are questioning the USDA estimate — especially with the uncertainly of weather forecasts early in the planting season, with a wetter than normal spring planting season potentially forcing producers away from Corn and into Soybeans. Should this scenario occur, we could be seeing USDA planting estimates get lowered as we move through the planting season,” according to Options Express.

Teucrium Corn Fund