Picking the Right ETF Strategies

The sharp increase in ETFs available have been a windfall for investors everywhere. If you have a desire for exposure to pretty much any area of the market you now have a simple, liquid, and accessible vehicle to accomplish that with.

However, the sheer size and scope of the industry is daunting for financial advisors. The rise of ETF strategists who offer portfolios geared to a myriad of goals have only added complexity to the marketplace available.

Enter Envestnet. Recognizing the increasingly overwhelming amount strategies available to financial advisors Tim Clift, Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Strategist at Envestnet, and his team set out to do a deep dive of the space in order to provide advisors with a clearer picture of the landscape, tailored to their needs.

Tom talked to Tim about the ways that Envestnet is empowering advisors to make better decisions, win more returns, and how ETFs aren’t going anywhere.

Check out their chat below!