How ETFs Are Evolving Dividend Investing

The ETF footprint has continued to grow, providing investors plenty of ways to position their portfolios depending on their profile and outlook. The reality of rising rates along with market outlooks that project to be low-growth and low yield has forced investors and issuers to think creatively about generating returns.

Proshares has been at the forefront of yield-generating strategies that look in areas previously untapped. Dividend ETFs have become more and more common in investor portfolios but many of these ETF investors still look at dividends with an old-school perspective.

Tom recently talked to Simeon Hyman, Head of Investment Strategy at Proshares, about the unique ways his firm has tackled dividend ETFs and why its allowing access to opportunities that hold growth aspects with balance sheets that look like value companies.

Check out their chat below to learn more about dividend ETF strategies that can thrive in this complicated investing environment.


Simeon Hyman, Proshares Head of Investment Strategy