Some big names, including strategists at Bank of America, JPMorgan, Barclays and PIMCO, are now looking for inexpensive stocks to outperform next year as value stocks are expected to do better in an environment of firming economic growth and rising rates, reports Luke Kawa for Bloomberg.

JPMorgan Chase recently argued that investors shouldn’t tilt toward value stocks as companies have not reached a point where they can sustain the recovery. Weighing on the value outlook, the Federal Reserve may still hike interest rates in December, and energy companies, commodity producers and other firms dependent on emerging markets are vulnerable to losses if rates rise. Additionally, there is no guarantee that a “reflation trade” benefiting value stocks will develop, especially with the consumer price index only rising 1.3% last month year-over-year and overall inflation still stubbornly below the Fed’s 2% target. [2 Reasons To Be Skeptical Of Value ETFs Surge]

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