Nissan Motor revealed a 13% surge in June sales, its largest for the month, compared to estimates of 12%. Fiat Chrysler stated that U.S. sales jumped 8.2% in June. Honda Motor (NYSE: HMC) said sales increased 4.2%. Toyota Motors (NYSE: TM) saw a 4.1% 3ise.

CARZ tracks global auto companies, with country weights including Japan 35.5%, U.S. 23.8%, Germany 19.9%, South Korea 6.8%, France 6.4%, China 5.2%, Hong Kong 1.2%, Taiwan 0.6%, Malaysia 0.5% and Italy 0.2%.

Top holdings include Ford Motor 8.2%, Daimler 8.1%, Toyota 8.0%, Honda Motor 7.8% and General Motors 7.7%.

First Trust NASDAQ Global Auto Index Fund

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