Anthony Davidow, vice president for alternative beta and asset allocation strategist at the Charles Schwab (NYSE: SCHW) Center for Financial Research, Heather Fischer, vice president of ETF platform management at Charles Schwab and Schwab Managing Director Eric Pollackov joined ETF Trends Publisher Tom Lydon at the Inside ETFs conference in Hollywood, Fla. to discuss, among other issues, the growth of Schwab’s ETF lineup and the soaring popularity of the Schwab ETF OneSource commission-free platform.

Earlier this year, Schwab expanded OneSource to include nearly 200 ETFs. OneSource, the largest commission-free ETF platform on the market today, has been a significant driver of ETF asset growth for Schwab. Last year, ETF assets custodied at Schwab surged 18% to $231 billion.

“We’re making it cost-effective and accessible for investors to get invested in ETFs,” said Fischer.

Pollackov noted that Schwab’s market cap-weighted ETFs have the lowest expense ratios in their respective Lipper categories and that the company has some ETFs that charge as little as 0.04% per year.

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