Many eyes will be on GOOG (Class C) today because the company released quarterly earnings results last night during a month where the stock cannot seem to catch a break (look at yesterday’s ugly chart and note that the stock was $596.48 near the end of September.

GOOGL (Class A) stock should also be noted as both stocks trade a huge amount of daily dollar volume given their $500 handles.

Who owns a lot of Google stock in terms of listed ETFs that might continue to move here you ask? PNQI (PowerShares Nasdaq Internet Portfolio, Expense Ratio 0.60%) has an 8.25% weighting to GOOG as well as an 8.25% weighting to GOOGL, making its collective exposure to the company 16.50% (the second largest exposure in the fund would be to FB (8.63%).

PNQI is not a huge fund, but has a respectable $314 million in AUM. You can see in a short term chart that the pain the fund has suffered in the short term, not solely because of GOOG’s weakness, but GOOG has certainly not helped it lately.

PNQI also happens to own EBAY (8.34%) and NFLX (3.86%), both of which have been put in the penalty box by investors this week after announcing disappointing quarterly earnings results.

CFGE (Calamos Focus Growth, Expense Ratio 0.90%), an actively managed ETF and rather new to the marketplace (launched in July of this year) likes GOOGL as well, as the stock is its second largest holding currently (6.63% weighting behind AAPL).

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