Katharine Earhart, direct of the iShares Connect program, appeared at ETF Boot Camp to discuss the advantages of the iShares Connect effort and how financial advisors can gain access to ETF models and due diligence tools.

“The program connects Strategists with advisors and delivers access to leadership, insights, and resources available jointly through iShares and BlackRock. Our industry partnerships make us a valuable resource for Advisors looking for new solutions,” according to iShares.

Earhart also commented on important elements of ETF evaluation and selection, including examining an ETF’s liquidity, structure and daily holdings. She also highlighted ways advisors can use ETFs as satellite positions around a core portfolio.

Independent advisors can benefit from iShares connect through the firm’s portfolio-building tools and scenario analysis. iShares works all of the major custodians used by registered investment advisors.

Watch the video below to see the full interview.

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