SPDR University: Winners, Losers, and Everything in Between | ETF Trends

In July, investors added north of $17 billion to US-listed ETFs, helping to maintain the ETF industry’s $1.8 trillion in assets under management. Equities drove a disproportionate share of July’s inflows with close to $16.1 billion added. With $59.7 billion of inflows, equity flows are now beginning to pull far ahead of fixed income flows of $24.6 billion for the year. On a relative basis, alternative funds took in over 4% of their assets and saw the biggest inflows year to date at close to 25% of year-end 2013 AUM. The only category with outflows on the year is specialty, with $823 million in funds withdrawn or close to 16% of assets.

With a significant $1.6 billion of inflows last month, aggregate funds are tops on the year among fixed income categories.