One of the net leaders recently in creation activity is the well tenured EWJ (iShares MSCI Japan, Expense Ratio 0.48%), which debuted way back in 1996.

No doubt substantial in size with greater than $14.5 billion in assets under management, the fund has seen nearly $300 million flow into it in recent sessions as even though EWJ has had trouble with its simple 50 day Moving Average. EWJ still maintains a notable advantage in terms of AUM size over fast growing DXJ (WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity, Expense Ratio 0.48%) which has about $10.8 billion in AUM.

DXJ has also seen some inflows in recent sessions, to the tune of about $75 million. DBJP (Deutsche MSCI Japan Hedged Equity, Expense Ratio 0.45%) deserves a mention here as well, having pulled in an impressive >$200 million year to date in new assets.

Notably, FXY (CurrencyShares Japanese Yen, Expense Ratio 0.40%) has seen a significant $109 million leave the fund year to date, leaving the ETF with only about $67 million in assets at the moment. Much like every other currency in relation to the U.S. Dollar, the Yen has weakened considerably, especially throughout the months of August and September here.

It is interesting to see more dollar flows into the non-currency hedged equity vehicle here in the near term, that being EWJ, than either DXJ or DBJP lately, and in a way it makes sense given the contrarian nature of some currency traders that may be out there.

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