ETF Spotlight on the PowerShares NYSE Century Portfolio ETF (NYSEArca: NYCC), part of an ongoing series.

Assets: $3.9 million

Objective: The PowerShares NYSE Century Portfolio Fund tries to reflect the performance of the NYSE Century Index, which is comprised of the largest and oldest public companies in the U.S.

Holdings: Top holdings include Williams Companies Inc (NYSE: WMB) 0.4%, Pepco Holdings (NYSE: POM) 0.4%, Alcoa (NYSE: AA) 0.4%, Henesbrands (NYSE: HBI) 0.4% and Protective Life (NYSE: PL) 0.4%.

What You Should Know:

  • Invesco PowerShares sponsors the fund.
  • NYCC has a 0.5% expense ratio.
  • The ETF has 372 holdings and the top ten make up 3.6% of the overall portfolio.
  • Sector allocations include financials 22.7%, industrials 19.4%, utilities 11.7%, consumer staples 11.5%, consumer discretionary 11.1%, materials 9.7%, health care 5.5%, energy 4.3%, information technology 3.2% and telecom services 0.8%.
  • The fund leans toward value stocks.
  • As part of its indexing methodology, the ETF tracks companies that have incorporated in the U.S. for at least 100 years and have a market capitalization of at least $1 billion as of the rebalancing date, which occurs annualy in December.
  • Market cap and style allocations include large-cap value 12.2%, large-cap blend 11.5%, large-cap growth 7.1%, mid-cap value 20.5%, mid-cap blend 13.3%, mid-cap growth 7.4%, small-cap value 16.3%, small-cap blend 8.0% and small-cap growth 3.7%.
  • NYCC started trading on January 15, 2014.
  • The ETF is up 0.3% over the past month, up 4.9% over the last three months and up 4.5% since inception.
  • Potential investors should note that the fund is still small, with a daily trading average of 2,302 shares, according to Morningstar data.
  • Consequently, traders should use limit orders to better control trades.

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