Those stocks combine for 19% of IAI’s weight. Interestingly, few of IAI’s top-10 holdings currently reside near all-time highs. Schwab would need to rise another 36% to reclaim its all-time high while Goldman would need to tack another 41%. Shares of Morgan Stanley would need to nearly triple to reclaim pre-financial crisis highs.

The same goes for IAI. The ETF debuted in the second quarter of 2006, meaning it enjoyed a nice run prior to the crisis, but that also means IAI is one member of a group of some noteworthy ETFs that have a long way to go to recapture lost glory. In the case of IAI, the ETF would need to gain almost 41% to run back to its pre-crisis highs. [Some ETFs Nowhere Close to Pre-Crisis Highs]

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