Ten Best Europe Country ETFs | ETF Trends

Investors have taken note of the plethora of diversified Europe exchange traded funds that are soaring this year.

That is a good idea as improving economic data and valuations that are still seen as cheap compared to U.S. stocks have some market observers, including major global banks, forecasting further upside for European stocks in 2014. [10 Great Diversified Europe ETFs]

For investors willing to incur some country risk, opportunities remain with some single-country Europe ETFs, many of which have turned in stellar performances this year.

As we discovered last month when we highlighted the 10 best global equity markets that have a corresponding U.S.-listed ETF, four of the funds on that list were Europe funds and three offer exposure to Eurozone nations. [10 Best Global Markets by ETFs]

Had that list been expanded to say 15 or 20, the number of single-country Europe funds would have risen as well. But do not fret because what follows is a list of the 10 best country-specific Europe ETFs to this point in 2013.