A Few of 2012s Best Market ETFs Repeated in 2013

The S&P 500 is up 23.3% year-to-date, but scores of broad-based, or so-called market, exchange traded funds have done even better.

Whether it has been an equal-weight ETF, one that is benchmarked to an intelligent index, a fund comprised of spin-offs or companies that eagerly repurchase their own shares, there is no dearth of market-based ETFs that outperformed traditional indices this year. [Market Shrinkage Helping Some ETFs]

Some have a legacy of outpacing the usual broader market benchmarks. As we discovered when we examined how some of 2012’s best sector ETFs performed in 2013, we found that some of 2012’s best market ETFs repeated their year ago feats this year. [Some of 2012’s Best Sector ETFs Kept Soaring in 2013]

The examination of how 2012’s best market ETFs fared in 2013 starts with an ETF that has risen noticeably in popularity. All 2012 data courtesy Dorsey Wright & Associates.