10 Best Global ETFs of 2013

Although emerging markets, and for that matter some developed markets, have struggled in 2013, the year has not been a complete wash for investors that embrace global exchange traded funds.

That is assuming the right global ETFs have been embraced. ETFs linked to some of 2012’s least expensive international markets have thrived this year. Statistics indicate advisors and investors are still pouring billions into single-country ETFs as well. [The Rising Popularity of Single-Country ETFs]

We searched for the 10 best global ETFs of 2013 with an emphasis on “global” so as not to confine the search to diversified international funds. Of the following funds, there are a few surprises, but there are also several ETFs on the list that have lived up to the ample hype they have received, meaning their places here are not surprising. Hint: A few of those ETFs have ties to Asian markets. [10 ETFs That More Than Doubled in Size]

All return data courtesy Dorsey Wright & Associates.