10 ETFs That More Than Doubled in Size

And by that we  mean the following slideshow will contain 10 exchange traded funds that have seen their assets under management tallies double (or more) this year.

The law of large numbers might imply that as an ETF grows larger, particularly well into the $500 million in AUM or more area, a double in less than a year becomes a difficult feat to accomplish. Flows data indicate this been a stellar year for ETF growth, indicating more than a few ETFs have had ample opportunity to increase their heft.

U.S.-listed ETFs attracted about $26 billion in assets over October, according to BlackRock. U.S.-listed equity ETFs brought in $30.7 billion while U.S.-listed fixed-income ETFs lost $2.6 billion and U.S.-listed commodity ETFs shrunk $2.5 billion. The U.S. ETF industry attracted $156.4 billion this year ended October. [ETF Asset Flows Reveal Investors’ Love for Stocks]

There are requirements to be on this particular list. Notably, we looked for non-leveraged ETFs that made the jump to at least $100 million in AUM this year. For example, if a fund started 2013 with $50 million in assets and now has $100 million, it would be a candidate for inclusion. A fund that has gone from $5 million to $10 million, impressive on a percentage basis, would not be included here.

Included here with each ETF is its current AUM total, followed by 2013 asset growth and a comment.  Let’s get started with the…