The newly launched BeyondAlpha online social network helps financial advisors share ideas  and access a range of assets through exchange traded funds and other investment options.

ETF Trends’ Tom Lydon sat down with Rich Dion, President of Placemark Investments, at the Morningstar ETF Invest Conference in Chicago to discuss the newly revealed BeyondAlpha initiative.

“To be successful building a business in today’s world requires more than selecting the right products, or selecting the right rebalancing, or automated work flow,” Dion said. “It requires you to build a dynamic network of connections: people trusting peers, people like you, respected partners that offer technologies or solutions; but all designed to help speed up the process of learning and adapting your business to the current environment. And that is exactly what BeyondAlpha was designed to do.”

While hot button topics may be discussed one day and forgotten the next, BeyondAlpha hosts online discussions for advisors and financial experts who have not had their say in an attempt to spread awareness and further develop the topics.

Watch the video below to see the full interview with Rich Dion.

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