As the number of exchange traded products continues to rise, so does the number of ETFs that could potentially be shut down due to slack volume and low assets under management tallies.

Wealth Management’s list of ETPs in danger of closure has risen to 80 this month from 36 a year ago, but there are some important facts to take into account.

For example, data from ETF Global indicate ETF and ETN closures in 2013 are poised to be well below last year’s record of 94 and more inline with the 54 per year average seen from 2008 to 2010. As Nov. 1, 53 ETPs had been shuttered this year.

“The 2012 average number of ETPs on ETF Global’s list (48) represented approximately 3.53 percent of all the domestically-traded ETPs out there, versus the 2013 YTD average number of ETPs on our list (63) which represented 4.23 percent,” reports Michael Martin for Wealth Management.

The ETF Global ETP Liquidation Watch focuses on three criteria: Assets under management below $5 million, ETFs and ETNs that have been around more than two years and a negative trailing 12-month performance. [The Number of ETF Closures is Rising]