On Friday, 160 exchange traded funds and exchange traded notes hit all-time highs. That list includes leveraged products, but even when those ETFs are stripped out, the all-time list is still well-populated.

Even when the newer ETFs (for example, we excluded funds that are less than six months old) are removed, there are still plenty of ETFs hitting record highs Friday.

This list looks at five broad market, or “market-based,” ETFs that are making new highs today. Importantly, not all of these ETFs are small. Nor do they subscribe complex concepts that would imply a  hyper focus that could potentially expose investors to higher levels of risk.

Rather, these are easy-to-understand to products that have been delivering the goods for investors this year. Some are “ex” funds while others focus on various forms of shareholder compensation. All are racing to record highs. [Take the Nasdaq, Leave the Tech]

Here is the list with comments included: