ETF Trends
ETF Trends

ETF managed portfolios are in high demand as advisors seek tactical and global asset allocation solutions. This is one of the fastest growing segments of the the managed-account space.

According to Morningstar, ETF managed portfolios assets tracked by the investment researcher expanded 60% in 2012. The firm currently follows 530 such strategies from 125 firms with  $63 billion in assets under management. [Managed ETF Portfolios are Gaining Traction]

Looking at the ETF managed portfolio breakdown, global strategies make up 64% of assets in this space, and global all asset strategies continue to attract interest from advisors and institutions. [Morningstar’s Model ETF Portfolio for Younger Investors]

While Charles Schwab’s Windhaven remained a large component in global all-asset strategies, Morningstar found stronger growth in equity strategies, particularly U.S.-focused offerings, over 2012.

U.S.-focused strategies and equity offerings still make up the largest asset breadth, accounting for $26 billion in assets. Currently, equity strategies make up 42% of ETF managed portfolios, compared to all-asset strategies at 36%, as the largest asset breadth category.

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