John Murphy on ETFs

One of the most well-known and respected technical analysts says he uses ETFs as the main tool to trade opportunities based on intermarket correlations.

“Ten years ago, if you wanted to trade commodities or currencies, you had to trade futures. Also, in the old days, you had to use mutual funds if you wanted to trade sectors,” John Murphy tells TraderPlanet. “The beauty of ETFs is that they let you trade any part of the stock market that you want – large cap, small cap, for example.”

Murphy is the author of the venerated Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets and other books on trading and investing. He is also the chief technical analyst at

“ETFs have revolutionized the ability to take advantage of intermarket relationships,” Murphy said in the TraderPlanet article.

There are thousands of exchange traded products listed around the world and the global ETF business recently surpassed $2 trillion. [Global ETF Assets Cross $2 Trillion Mark]