The exchange traded fund industry is breaking new records as global assets surpass the $2 trillion mark.

According to BlackRock, ETF assets hit $2.01 trillion on January 18, reports Chris Flood for Financial Times. This comes during the January month when ETFs historically witness outflows. [ETFs Attract Record Annual Inflows]

Dodd Kittsley, global head of ETP research at BlackRock, highlights the $2 trillion mark as a historic milestone as ETFs take on worldwide interest and expand into all asset classes.

“More investors are discovering that ETFs can play important roles in their portfolios in any type of market conditions,” Kittsley said in the article. “We saw this clearly in 2012 when the ETF industry was able to gather inflows of $265.3bn in spite of last year’s challenging market conditions which were dominated by ‘risk-on, risk-off’ trading patterns.”