In a sharp turn from the previous months, investors dove into the equities market and stock exchange traded funds over July but still maintained some interest in fixed-income assets.

As of the end of July, U.S.-listed ETF and exchange traded note assets totaled $1.21 trillion, or a 3% gain month-over-month and 9% higher than the same month last year, according to the ETF Industry Association.

For the month, long U.S. equity exchange traded products attracted $13.7 billion in assets, global & international focused equity ETPs brought in $2.8 billion and fixed-income funds added $1.1 billion. Long commodity ETPs, though, lost $1.2 billion in assets.

Year-to-date, ETPs have garnered $93.0 billion in assets, with U.S. equity funds gathering $37.8 billion, global/international equity products adding $14.7 billion, real estate increasing by $5.7 billion, fixed-income ETPs acquiring $34.6 billion and commodities attracting $1.7 billion.

Among the big three, State Street Global Advisors saw $4.3 in inflows, followed by Vanguard with $4.3 billion and BlackRock‘s iShares with $3.8 billion. Vanguard has been cutting a larger piece of the market pie, gathering $33.8 billion in year-to-date inflows, compared to $20.0 billion for iShares and $14.6 billion for SSgA. [Vanguard Extends ETF Price War to TIPS]

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