ETF Trends
ETF Trends

Growth in the exchange traded fund space will continue to expand, spearheaded by wider acceptance among registered investment advisors, says an ETF industry expert.

According to recent Charles Scwhab study on advisors, 85% of RIAs on the Schwab platform use ETFs in client portfolios, Tony Davidow, managing director and ETF portfolio strategist at Guggenheim Investments, writes for Ignites.

“ETFs continue to make inroads relative to mutual funds,” Davidow noted. “U.S. ETF assets exceed $1 trillion, while there is roughly $12 trillion in mutual fund AUM.”

Recently, RIAs have begun to include more fixed-income ETFs as part of their investment repertoire. For instance, the Schwab study found that inflows to fixed-income ETFs increased to 54% in 2011 from 31% in 2010. [Why More Money Managers are Using ETFs]

“In the past, RIAs might have chosen to buy fixed income on their own, or fixed-income mutual funds,” Davidow said. “Now, fixed-income ETFs have become a more generally accepted investment option.”

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