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CHLC is about 75% weighted towards corporate bond issues, with 19.41% invested in cash and equivalents and the remainder of the fund owning government bonds. DSUM has a 73.80% weighting towards supranational issues, a 21% weighting in domestic sovereign issues, and 2.70% in agency bonds. RMB on the other hand is about 83% corporate bond issue oriented, and 17% weighted towards government issues.

From an expense ratio standpoint, CHLC is priced the lowest, at 0.39%, followed by DSUM at 0.45% and RMB at 0.65%. Since all of these products are relatively new to the market, having debuted in the latter part of 2011, we have a limited amount of live trading history to draw from in comparing returns.

Since September of 2011 when the first of these products began trading live, CHLC has returned 1.69% while RMB is down 0.27% followed by DSUM losing 2.08% during this timeframe.

PowerShares Chinese Yuan Dim Sum Bond

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