A commodity based exchange traded fund that has shown some signs of life recently likely flies under the radar of most due to fairly low average daily trading volume  of 169,000 shares. GreenHaven Continuous Commodity (NYSEArca: GCC) has rallied over 8% since its lows of mid-December of last year as have many of the commodities within the underlying index.

GCC employs a rules based methodology that is rather unique in the ETF space, owning 17 separate commodities in an equal weighted fashion, whereas most diversified commodities ETF plays tend to be rather heavy energy. [Five Things to Know About Commodity ETFs]

The index is re-balanced daily so as to keep the weightings in check on a “continuous” basis, thus the fund’s title, and if one or more individual commodity runs higher in price, this does not necessarily mean that it will assume a higher weighting in the index.

Currently, holdings of GCC include Platinum futures, Sugar futures, Wheat futures, Cotton futures, Cocoa futures, Coffee futures, and Corn futures for instance.

From a technical standpoint, GCC has traded safely above its 50 day moving average for the past month without interruption, but it has not challenged its 200-day moving simple average as of yet, which is up at $32.59 a share currently and GCC closed Friday at $31.38. [Simple and Exponential Moving Averages]