Recent ETF Closures | ETF Trends

Although the exchange traded fund business continues to pump out new products, not every ETF makes it. Some shut down due to lack of assets and trading volume.

The JETS Dow Jones Islamic Market International Index Fund, for example, is closing as it failed to attract the necessary assets to become viable, writes Selena Maranjian for The Motley Fool.

The Direxion Airline Shares ETF is also closing shop. While investors have shown interest in this area, notably through the ETF Guggenheim Airline (NYSEArca: FAA), the airline industry has not been a strong investment. The industry is grappling with bankruptcy rumors and a drop in customers.

For those who are worried that their ETF picks may close, keep watch or avoid ETFs with low assets. Fund providers typically keep $100 million as an arbitrary make-or-break number. ETFs with more than $500 million in assets are usually in solid standing.