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Meanwhile, nuclear fusion may become a viable way of producing energy, thanks to the efforts of a few researchers. The process of fusing two atomic nuclei together requires a massive amount of energy, reports Alternative Energy Mag. If the process of creating nuclear fusion efficiently becomes a reality, it could hurtle ETFs like PowerShares Global Nuclear (NYSEArca: PKN), Market Vectors Nuclear Energy (NYSEArca: NLR) and iShares S&P Global Nuclear Energy (NYSEArca: NUCL) right into the big-time.

Global X Uranium (NYSEArca: URA), a newer play on nuclear energy, is up nearly 10% over the last five days.

Not that they necessarily need it right now; all of these funds are now well above their long-term trend lines and over the last six months, they’re up about 30%. Not bad for a sector that has yet to be fully embraced.

Tisha Guerrero contributed to this article.