Oil ETFs: Two Ways to Get Your Fix | ETF Trends

You’ve probably already noticed that the pump prices are getting a little more painful. It may not help your budget, but exchange traded funds (ETFs) are certainly in line to benefit.

Today oil prices are lingering around $91 per barrel, but where it goes next is a matter of debate. Oil is smack in the middle of a three-year trading range, says Matthew D. McCall for Index Universe. That means everyone has a prediction.

According to Brai Odion-Esene for Automated Trader, the the EIA presented updated projections for U.S. energy markets through 2035. Those projections estimate that the real price of crude oil will be $125-$200 per barrel by then.

One thing is fairly certain: the days of $40 oil a barrel seen in 2009 are long gone. The global economic recovery is in play, and greater demand for oil goes hand-in-hand with this growth. [CFTC Rules Already Baked Into ETFs.]