Once again, gold has surged to a record high as the U.S. dollar weakens. As the prices climb, more skeptics are asking the question: is now the time to short gold? If your answer is yes, you have several exchange traded fund (ETF) options.

Gold has hit yet another record today, touching on $1,284.50. With fast-rising prices often comes an increasing level of gut-checking: Is this a bubble? Is this the top? Do I get out now or wait awhile? [What’s Next For Gold ETFs?]

The case for gold rising further is strong. After all, billions are flooding into the physically-backed ETFs, economic uncertainty and market fear are still high and we haven’t even gotten to the fact that Indian wedding season is around the corner. [How to Protect Yourself In a Gold ETF Bubble.]

But gold could also weaken soon if too many people decide it’s either gotten too high or they just want to take profits.

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