For that reason, Keefe stresses that there’s a difference between “socially responsible” and “sustainable” investing. The companies that Pax World’s funds include “tend to have stronger profiles, tend to be better managed, forward-thinking, anticipating and mitigating risk and focused on the long-term,” he says. [Your Guide to Green ETFs.]

As both a mutual fund provider and now an ETF provider, Keefe sees both types of investments as complementary. “We would like to offer both mutual funds and ETFs and both actively managed strategies and passive strategies,” he says. “An argument can be made for both approaches, and the more choices for investors, the better.”

As their line of ETFs grow, Pax World plans to stay solely focused on the sustainable investing approach. [Alternative Energy ETFs: Ready, Steady, Grow?]

“We helped to build this industry and we’re just as dedicated to sustainable investing as a value shop would be to value investing. We believe it’s a smarter investing approach and it serves society well.”

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