Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are becoming so well-known and widely used that discussions of their merits and benefits are beginning to extend beyond all-encompassing ETF conferences. Case in point: the recent Tiburon CEO Summit.

Tiburon Strategic Advisors held their 18th Tiburon CEO Summit on April 14-15 in New York. Tiburon CEO Chip Roame gave a terrific keynote address, a portion of which was devoted to the growth of the ETF industry and the shifting investment landscape.

Among the highlights:

  • The investing world has undergone significant changes in recent years: consumers are angry and more risk-averse than they were prior to the crisis.
  • $11.5 trillion in net worth was lost in 2008, and just $2.7 trillion of that was recovered in 2009.
  • Concerns about retirement have become an even more pressing issue; as a result of the crisis, about 25% of Americans delayed going into retirement.
  • Assets in ETFs declined in 2008 from $608 billion to $578 billion, but that has quickly been reversed in 2009 and 2010; ETF assets are now at a record-setting $782 billion.
  • ETFs are the fastest-growing product segment on the market; even Schwab called them “the next big thing” last year.
  • ETF assets are just 6% of mutual fund assets, and there’s way more growth to be had.
  • The 401(k) market remains the last market to be fully tapped by the ETF industry, thanks largely to challenges in record-keeping.
  • Active management has yet to take off, primarily because these funds need track records to lure investors.

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