It’s not just hot air. Wind energy representatives are calling on lawmakers to pass legislation on an initiative that would help provide stable growth in the wind-energy industry and provide a strong tailwind for related exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Wind power industry executives are urging Congress to pass a strong national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) as a way to save and create jobs in the wind-energy industry, according to REVE.

Denise Bode, CEO of American Wind Energy Association, commented that there is a “potential for explosive growth if we can get long term support. A national RES will result not just in new installations, but also in new manufacturing. The RES is the most important buy-American policy we can do.”

Ned Hall, Executive Vice President of AES Wind Generation, and Vic Abate, Vice Presdient for Renewables at GE Energy, both believe that a national RES will create long-term, stable demand in the United States.