Quench Your Investment Thirst With Water ETFs | ETF Trends

As the global water supply becomes increasingly unbalanced, the case for “hydrocommerce” becomes more clear. Investors can access efforts to fix this dire situation with water-industry focused exchange traded funds (ETFs).

The need for clean water is a pressing one. Based on recent surveys, groundwater levels, reservoirs, lakes and other forms of water capture and supply sources are running dangerously low around the world. Worse, investment in water infrastructure is nearly non-existent – the EPA estimates that the United States alone is $600 billion behind in water system upgrades.

In other areas of the world, it’s even worse. Countries with little or no infrastructure, such as Haiti, are in serious need of usable water. Natural disasters like earthquakes only exacerbate the situation. [Are water ETFS the next investment wave?]

This presents an opportunity for investors who want exposure to an issue that’s getting more and more attention, says William S. Brennan for Investor Ideas. With global water shortages looming and the availability of potable water continuing to dwindle, there will be significant opportunities for the companies that provide the solutions to these issues. [How does one bridge water with profits?]