Gold and its exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been making headlines on a daily basis and are drawing attention, but there are opportunities to be had in many other metal funds, as well.

Gold has soared to a historic $1,174 per ounce as investors gobble it up to hedge against a falling dollar and inflation.  But as the dollar remains weak, commodities in general will be cheaper for foreign investors. This means that demand will increase, giving more of a lift to prices. (Can gold sustain its levels?)

Silver, copper and platinum are all metals that see increases in demand as world economies grow. These metals aren’t just nice in jewelry – they have a wide range of industrial uses, states Alexandra Zendrian of Forbes.  Of these metals, platinum is especially attractive because of the role it plays in catalytic converters and emission controls in automobiles. (A platinum ETF?)

Copper is heavily used in wiring and pipes, while silver is an excellent conductor of electricity, among other things. (The fate of copper).