PXR’s portfolio is investing in raw materials producers who are positioned to benefit from shovels-in-the-ground projects, which is directly related to the commodities markets. Industrials and utilities play another huge role in this fund.

IGF divides the sector into three component groups: energy, transportation and utilities. When it rebalances once a year, the weightings are adjusted to 40% each for utilities and transportation, with 20% going to energy. Lately, utilities have dominated the mix. The developed markets are more of a focus within this fund.

GII has 107 components, divided among utilities, energy and industrials. Utilities clock in at 87.2% of the fund, while energy and industrials are respectively 5.7% and 2.8%. Developed markets make up most of the fund, but Brazil, Korea and China are components.

Before investing in an infrastructure ETF, be sure to do your homework and figure out exactly what “infrastructure” refers to according to each fund.

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