Crazy Economic Indicators for ETF Investors | ETF Trends

The market has all investors trying to decide which way things are ultimately going and whether the worst is over. Can those little day-to-day experiences give some clues as to where exchange traded funds (ETFs) and the broader economy are going?

Candice Lee Jones for Kiplinger says there are many clues of all types in everyday life that indicate which direction the economy is going. Here are 10 possible economic indicators that can tell us where we’re headed. Can improvements in any of these areas signal a turnaround?

1. Ticket Sales Are Up. According to the National Association of Theater Owners, the number of movie tickets sold in the first quarter of 2009 increased more than 9% from last year. Movies are the least expensive entertainment  around.

2. Gardening. Households that are growing their own food this year are up 19%; 54% of these say that saving money is part of the motivation.

3. Dating. Online dating services are surging. Does misery really love company? When the Dow Jones industrial average dropped to a five-year low last November, had its second busiest weekend of the year.

4. Romance Novels. Books are a low cost form of entertainment and the Harlequin romance novels are good way to break up the bad news.

5. Sleep. People are losing sleep over their jobs or lack thereof.