Can Active Commodity ETFs Catch On? | ETF Trends

Claymore Securities is looking to expand and it has filed for three new actively managed commodity equity exchange traded funds (ETFs).

The new Claymore funds will be all equity-based, writes Lara Crigger for Hard Assets Investors. They will have 80% of their constituent stocks picked out by using traditional qualitative methods from Delta Global Advisors. Delta Global will pick companies with $400 million market cap or more, and use a “top-down approach to global markets and infrastructure-related sub-sectors” and a “bottom-up approach to individual companies.”

The challenge lies in the performance. Last year, 70%  of all actively managed U.S. equity funds underperformed their benchmarks. These new funds may fare better with lower expense ratios and investors will be happy if the funds can provide the alpha. Investors may sit on the sidelines to see how they do first before jumping in.

The three newly filed actively managed commodity equity ETFs include:

Claymore Delta Global Infrastructure Fund. It will cover infrastructure and emerging markets by picking out companies involved in world construction, which includes miners, basic materials suppliers, utilities, telecoms, infrastructure engineers, water infrastructure, and road, rail, port and airport builders and operators.