So, deciding on entering the world of exchange traded funds (ETFs) with a particular eye on the European market? Well, there are a number of different funds to choose from.

It all depends on what you are specifically looking for. The various European funds have varying allocations to different companies in specific countries. They will also allow a potential investor a distinct amount of exposure with disparate expenses and performances.

Note that recent events have led the countries within the European Union to contemplate their economic hardship. The United Kingdom, a major percent holder in European ETFs, has also fallen on hard times with a recent announcement of its recession.

Nevertheless, people can still choose to invest in available European ETFs as new trends present themselves.

BLDRs Europe 100 ADR Index Fund (ADRU) has total assets of $15 million, 100 holdings, and an expense ratio of 0.30%. The fund is based on The Bank of New York Mellon Europe 100 ADR Index, a capitalization weighted index designed to track the performance of 100 European market-based depositary receipts.

Top 10 country allocations: U.K. 43.7%, France 11.3%, Switzerland 10.1%, Germany 9.4%, Spain 8.5%, Netherlands 4.4%, Italy 3.1%, Finland 2.1%, Denmark 1.1%, Ireland 1.1%