Barack Obama has finally taken office, one day after the landmark Martin Luther King Jr. celebratory day, adding much meaning for many Americans, racial justice and a nation unified. As the first African-American President, Obama is the essence of the “I have a dream…” speech given in 1963. He’s taking office at a turbulent time, when the near-term fate of our country, economy and exchange traded funds (ETFs) are up in the air.

For many people, Obama’s inauguration was a climax to a busy weekend, geared up for both Martin Luther King Jr.  Day and the historic Presidential elect. Both men were honored this weekend, to say the least. Prominent people from the arts will be performing or attending the special inauguration, such as Elizabeth Alexander, a poet, Aretha Franklin, a soul icon, Bruce Springsteen, U2, James Taylor among many more, reports CTV News.

Obama is expected to speak of the need for America to come together and sacrifice for the common good, as Abraham Lincoln had. In fact, has been studying Lincoln’s second inaugural address, delivered on March 4, 1865, during the final weeks of the Civil War. The theme of the inauguration, “A New Birth of Freedom,” is taken from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in 1863, reports Kenneth Walsh for US News & World Report.

Most of all, the economic uncertainty is what is on many Americans’ minds, more so that it has taken precedence over race and prejudice. The promise from Obama to fix the economy as soon as possible is what many strategists say will take center stage.

There are high hopes for Obama in many sectors, including alternative energy, infrastructure, industrials, water and more.

What will the next four years bring? Until today, discussion has been all in the abstract. Now it’s time for reality.

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