The financial pressures that have many exchange traded fund (ETF) investors feeling the blues is actually not a taboo family subject that’s strictly limited to board rooms  and between adults. Rather, the experts who weigh in on this topic say financial woes are important family room topics that children should be aware of.

Psychologists say that money is at top of the list of difficult discussion topics among family members – so difficult that it’s right up there with sex, reports Jason Zweig for The Wall Street Journal. The money discussion is now more important than ever to have with your family, as the recession looms and times may get a bit tougher within the next year.

The topic of money and any general concerns related to finances are fair game for any family topic, but there are some things that should never be relayed to your children. Financial stress can rob you of sleep, raise your blood pressure, ruin your diet and drive you to smoke or drink. These things shouldn’t be done around the children or drawn attention to.

When families with young children encounter financial drawbacks, those children are more likely to suffer from depression as teenagers. Negative feelings or words about your job or your pay or portfolio should not be obvious. Do not take away the message that hard work can pay off, or there may be some slacking at schoolwork.

For happiness to be ensured during family distress, the more forthcoming the families are about discussing problems, the better feelings it can lead to. Do not disclose everything. Instead, simply tell them the things they need to know and let them hear you directly, rather than overhearing you talking.

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