Is a New Blow Coming for Real Estate ETFs? | ETF Trends

As we hear about home foreclosures and defaults on loans across the country, the commercial real estate market and its related REIT exchange traded funds (ETFs) brace for a possible multi-billion dollar collapse of troubled property loans.

Real Capital Analytics, a New York research company, estimates that $107 billion worth of income-producing property, such as hotels, offices, apartment complexes and warehouses, is in serious financial distress and another $84 billion worth of developments have been stalled or abandoned, reports Terry Pristin for The New York Times.

It is evident that more than 1,000 properties are troubled, with 200 properties already transferred to lenders. It is calculated that $26 billion worth  of buildings are “troubled” based on foreclosure proceedings, notices of default, appointments of receivers or filings for bankruptcy protection. Another 3,700 properties, valued at $80.9 billion, are on the brink due to owners suffering financially or owners who will be unable to refinance when loans mature next year.

New York tops the list of areas under distress with 268 properties valued at $12 billion. Other areas include Los Angeles ($11 billion), Las Vegas ($6.6 billion), and southern Florida ($4.2 billion).