Turmoil Could Spawn Opportunity In High-Grade Bond ETFs | ETF Trends

Current market conditions may ultimately translate into a brighter future for corporate bond and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

The high-grade bonds are being priced with a highly pessimistic view of the future. Long-term maturity corporate bonds could reward dauntless investors with large spreads producing high yields, reports Robert Huebscher of Advisor Perspectives.

High-paying bonds may be tantalizing with their near double-digit yields. Nevertheless, these bonds may suffer from risks with deteriorating economies, rising inflation, widening spreads, and the chance of defaults.

If you are pondering the possibility of high-grade debt, high-grade 10-year maturities are being recommended for their liquidity and extensive offerings.

High-grade bond funds may yield less than individual bonds. The tradeoff for a lower-yielding fund would be a diversified exposure, liquidity, real market values, and much more information covering credit.